The Areas Of Learning A Good Nursery Focuses On

A good nursery is all about providing your child education suitable to his or her age. It is about making education something enjoyable so that they would like to learn in the future too. In order to achieve this goal they follow various methods. Usually those methods are followed because they have proven themselves as effective methods.  

While following such methods in teaching children the best kindergarten in Bangkok is going to focus on a couple of areas when it comes to the learning experience they deliver. They also have specific ways in which they provide the guidance children need in learning in these areas.  


It is important for our children to learn their mother tongue and if possible an international language such as English. A good nursery knows the importance of helping them learn a language. Therefore, they focus on simple steps which can provide them the strong foundation for language proficiency in the long term. This can involve linking sounds and letters. They help children to start to read and write.  


When we say mathematics we are not talking about teaching small children to do complex mathematical calculations. As with literacy mathematics at this level in a fine kindergarten international school is all about helping them to get to know numbers better and start using them. Children are encouraged to do simple additions and subtractions. They are also taught about different shapes and measures.  

Understanding the World 

Any child is going to grow up to be an adult one day. When that comes he or she should know about the world well. The understanding of the world should begin at the nursery where there are teachers to guide them. This involves those activities that help them to learn about people, places, environment, etc. It helps to get them an understanding about the world out there. 

Expressive Arts and Design 

In this expressive arts and design area children are given the chance to explore all kinds of materials and media. They are also given the chance to express their thoughts and ideas to everyone using arts, movement, music, technology, etc.  

All of these areas contribute into making your child more intelligent and understanding of the world. As talented and experienced teachers are in charge of providing the necessary guidance to them, your children are going to get the best education they can possibly have. When your child’s learning journey begins in this way, he or she is definitely going to be interested in learning in the future too. Check out more information here https://appletreekindergarten.com/curriculum/